Saturday, February 15, 2014

An anglophile baker's book review...

One word:


This past Christmas, my parents gave me one of the coolest cookbooks ever!

A *British* pie cookbook!!

(If you know anything about me at all... 

- even just what I post on Pinterest - 

E x h i b i t   A

E x h i b i t    B know that I am pretty accurately described as an anglophile. ;-) )

Filled with English wonderfulness (like Cornish Pasties and Noble Pies), great pictures, easy instructions, and History lessons sprinkled throughout, this book will definitely be keeping this 

butter and sugar enthusiast busy baking

 this history junkie satisfied

and this anglophile extremely happy. 

After all, there is no such thing as too much pie. ;-)

I've tried three recipes so far, and all have been fabulous! My recent pie endeavor was a Sausage, Apple, and Sage Plate Pie. 

Please excuse the less-than-pretty crust - explanation below. =) 

The basic recipe was sooo yummy, but also super versatile. As per suggestion of my Mom, I will definitely be making this again, but giving it an Indian twist...a little curry, plenty of potato, pure yumminess. 

Also, let me just say a quick thing about the basic crust recipe from this book.

 It is amazing

I have made it twice so far, and it never fails. Seriously, even after messing up this last time and putting it in the oven thinking it was FOR SURE going to be tough and awful, it came out flaky and tender...buttery...yummy... This recipe is foolproof, which only makes me love the cookbook even more. 

Long story short: this book is 
completely original,
and I would *completely* recommend it!

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