Friday, January 31, 2014

♥ Weekly Favorites ♥

Happy beginning of the weekend! 

I for one am thankful that this week is wrapping up....I'm so grateful for it (each day is a blessing, even the hard ones), but it sure was a difficult one all the same. 

Now, when I'm stressed, I tend to browse Pinterest waaayy too much....oh, and eat chocolate.... 
In my defense, Pinterest is kinda sorta just like reading a whole bunch of magazines, which sounds incredibly less terrible for some reason ;-).....either way, next week I need to work on dialing back a tad bit. And my defense about the chocolate......

..... I'm practicing for Valentine's Day. ;-P 

Well, I am off to read Anne of The Island while I wait to watch a movie with my brother. :-) Before I go though, here are my Weekly Favorites. 
(all images are via - yep, you guessed it - Pinterest ;-) )

♥ Good night, lovelies! ♥


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  1. What beautiful pictures you've shared! I really enjoyed them. Blessings~