Monday, January 27, 2014

New Beginnings

Hello, lovely followers! 

It has been quite sometime (more like a billion years - more or less.) since I have posted on this blog, so I wanted to write a little post to re-introduce it and myself to you. :-) 

First things first, the blog has definitely gotten quite a makeover! I have renamed it from "Below to Plateau" to "The Magic of Ordinary Days"

....such a sweet reminder of the
and awesomeness
 of each day that God gives us. :-D I will still be posting musings, rambles, recipes, and fun stuff, just like before when you first followed. I just thought the blog could use some sprucing up before I picked it back up.

And just who am I? 

Well, at heart I'm still pretty much the little girl who first started out here years ago...I just grew up a little bit since then. :-)

Let me re-introduce myself....

My name is Shannon. :-)

I am a twenty-something,
freshman Elementary Education major at Liberty University Online
 living at home with my amazing family.
Daughter of the King of kings ~~ 
complete and utter History junkie ~~ 
lover of family, home, sunshine, randomness, football, BBC (and lots of it ;-) ), laughter, Irish accents, cappuccino.

Also, I am the owner of
 an Etsy shop called

Gabby Marie Boutique,

where I sell custom made
Regency Era
(Jane Austen fans, unite! :-D)
Gowns for weddings and reenactment events.

I currently live in a big ol' city in North Carolina, where we moved to a couple years ago from our little rural town in Tennessee. Despite the fact that we've got our roots planted here for the time being, in my heart I am and will always be way more of a country gal....I guess that's why I designed the blog the way it is now - pretty and vintagey-country! :-)

(collage made using lovely images found on Pinterest! :-) )

I can't wait to start writing on this blog once more, chatting with you, and visiting your blogs as well!


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